2nd Xima Film China Expo


Exhibition time: July 13-18, 2018 Venue: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizer: China Film and Television Industry Association, xima China Film Expo Organizing Committee

Supporters: Henan Theatre Association, Henan Film and Television Industry Association, Guangdong VR Industry Alliance, Guangdong Enping Electroacoustic Industry Association, Guangdong Huadu District Electronic Industry Association

Undertaker: Guangzhou xima Exhibition Co., Ltd., Henan Huazhen TV Media Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Introduction

“West China Film Expo” is a key exhibition brand sponsored by Guangzhou West Code Exhibition Co., Ltd. The exhibition of domestic and foreign industry associations, industry experts, film and television cafes, brand enterprises, film and television production technology, universities, professional media and other institutions to build entertainment industry brand exhibition, is covering radio and television, film and television, AR / VR, performing arts , Entertainment and other industries in the entire industry chain, the best trade exchange platform.

2018 Zhengzhou International Film & Television and Intelligent Cinema Exhibition and Zhengzhou International Micro Film Festival is one of the important exhibitions of the “Western Code China Film Expo”. It aims to create a professional exhibition and trade exchange platform for the film and television theater industry in the Central Plains region. Jointly organized by Henan Huazhen TV Media Co., Ltd., it is expected that more than 200 companies and more than 400 brands will participate in the exhibition, bringing together more than 10,000 professional visitors to visit and purchase.

Exhibition Review

The first “Western Code China Film Expo” was successfully held at the Mango Hall (Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center) from November 10 to 12, 2017. The exhibition was hosted by the Changsha Municipal People’s Government, Guangzhou West Code Exhibition Co., Ltd., Hunan. Golden Eagle Jinxiang Cultural Development Co., Ltd. jointly undertakes. With an exhibition area of 22,000 square meters and a total of more than 800 booths, it attracted more than 200 exhibitors and professional organizations from all over the world. More than 600 brands participated in the exhibition, and more than 9,200 professional visitors visited the exhibition to get the industry's attention.

Exhibiting well-known brands: JBL, YAMAHA, SHARP, SONY, PLAEISEN, CARTONI, Haier, Yuemei, Scorpio, giant screen, innovation, Dewei, high energy, seven-dimensional vision, Feiyu, Yang Ming, CAMCRANES, Baohua, Dongrui , Starlight, Chaorui, Sanxin, Sooka, Xinglai, Kona, Zhishen, UPANO, see, Dana, betel nut, NASN, nor cloud, Aimi, Hisense, Baohua, Zhaotong, Tianzhu , Heisenguo, Yi Ke, New King, Xiaoxiang Movie Channel, Mango Studio, Xiandi, Love, Kyrgyzstan, Hurray, Shengshi Guoxing, Jie Shi, Landmark, Nasheng, 198, Wei Feng, Si Figure, night fire, Pingguo, Qian Hai Le, Chao Da and so on.

Range of exhibition

Television, Film and Television Exhibition Area: Equipment / broadcast trucks, video editing, broadcast control, electro-acoustic, transmission and terminal, video and aerial photography, audio-visual video, multimedia, large-screen display, film and television lighting and audio, stage performing arts equipment.

Technology / output and transmission, playback, 3D and A / VR, special effects, digital live broadcasting, smart terminals, cloud and big data, multimedia audio and video, editing post-production, system integration, home entertainment and so on.

Production class / animation, online games, video scripts, film and television creative, production, micro-film, micro-video and so on.

Services / radio and television stations, film companies, cinemas, film and television bases, broadcast operations and platforms, program production agencies, live broadcast platforms, studios, props, associations, media magazines, etc.

Smart Theater Zone: Theater Solutions, Theater Playback Equipment, AV System, Ticketing System, Theater Food

Products, home/private cinema facilities, projection screens, smart TVs, speaker amplifiers, microphones, K-bar entertainment, stage machinery equipment, on-demand systems, smart theater seats, theater entertainment products, intelligent controls, intelligent lighting, etc.