2018 China (Wuhan) International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition and KTV, Bar Show



20000 square meters, 1300 booths, 20000 visitors, free exhibitors

In the same period

2018 China (Wuhan) International Cinema and Film Technology Exhibition


China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association

China Association of Entertainment Designers

Asian Association of Entertainment Owners Association

Asian Theatre Association

Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.


Wuhan Hongwei Guobo Exhibition Co., Ltd.


The cultural and entertainment industry is an important part of the cultural industry. It plays an important role in meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of the people, expanding and guiding cultural consumption, stimulating employment, and promoting economic development. In recent years, the economy throughout the country has continued to grow, prospering the culture and entertainment market, and in particular, the large-scale performing arts activities continue to be held. KTV bars have rapidly increased in number of franchisees, expanding the market size of professional lighting, audio and KTV bars. According to statistics, the market size of China's professional lighting and audio industry has exceeded 36.5 billion yuan, and the growth rate is above 11%. The central region is located in the hinterland of the hinterland, borders on the east and west, and connects Nantong to the north. It is the center of China's economic hinterland and integrated transportation network. It has a very good development base and advantages and plays an important role in the overall development of culture and entertainment. The “13th Five-Year Plan” period is the crucial stage for the completion of a well-to-do society and a crucial period for the promotion of cultural prosperity and development. The 13th Five-Year Plan has ushered in the comprehensive development of the cultural and entertainment market, which will drive the rapid development of the audio-visual videoconferencing industry.

In order to strengthen the content of culture and entertainment industry, encourage producers to develop new products, cultivate brands, promote the transformation and upgrading of cultural and entertainment industries, and promote the integration of development, by the China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association, China Entertainment Designers Association, Asia Association of Entertainment Owners Association, Asia The 2018 China (Wuhan) International Professional Lighting and Acoustics Exhibition and KTV, Bar Show (AKB), organized by the Federation of Theatre Associations, Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Hongwei Guobo Exhibition & Convention Co., Ltd., is scheduled to be held in 2018. From July 6th to August 8th, this expo will be held at the Wuhan International Expo Center in China. The exhibition area is expected to be 20,000 square meters, with 1,300 international standard booths and 20,000 visitors.

【AKB Exhibits Range】

Professional audio equipment, systems and accessories: speakers, amplifier systems, public broadcasting equipment, mixers, DJ equipment, microphones, effects, VOD system, audio accessories and line materials, and other audio equipment;

Professional lighting equipment, systems and accessories: stage lighting systems, architectural lighting, laser technology, dimming equipment, outdoor lighting, various light sources, lighting accessories, LED, other lighting and related equipment;

Professional KTV equipment: speakers, amplifiers, KTV VOD system and equipment, VOD VOD system and equipment, management systems and technical solutions, set-top boxes and accessories projectors and peripheral equipment, TVs and LCD video wall, large screen, touch screen, set-top boxes, VOD / equipment / systems / accessories, singing, DJ equipment, microphones and accessories, recording and tuning equipment, amplifiers, effects processors, catering management systems, monitoring systems, etc.

Stage equipment and systems: turntables, lifting tables, movable platforms, moving or electric hoists, stage decoration materials, curtains, various types of trusses and hanging devices, flight cases, projection and display technology, stage effects, other stage equipment;

Audiovisual and transmission equipment: conference systems, television and radio broadcasting equipment, audio and video network systems, other audio and video transmission equipment;

KTV indoor and outdoor decoration and furnishings: LED lighting, fiber optic lighting, fire / noise / silence / sound absorption and other materials, entertainment glass, glass spell mirror, ice sculpture, mosaic, crystal column, crystal curtain, patch, translucent stone, luminous stone , Art Deco panels, handicrafts, flooring, carpets, wallpaper, murals, KTV nightclub sofas, coffee tables, wine coolers, bar stools, air conditioning and air handling equipment, KTV outdoor decoration and lighting, etc.

KTV, bar supplies and drinks food: KTV nightclub clothing, coffee machine, ice machine, KTV toys, wireless laser shooting entertainment system, cold fireworks, lighting accessories, darts, wine, wine, beer and other beverage food;

Entertainment space design and entertainment venues: entertainment space planning and design, professional decoration engineering companies, security consulting and marketing management agencies, entertainment management software, club / KTV / disco entertainment brand image promotion and chain agencies to join.

[AKB concurrent activities]

1,2018 China (Wuhan) International Film and Television Technology Exhibition; 2. Exchange Dinner

[AKB audience organization]

1, Domestic and foreign cultural authorities, cultural and entertainment associations to visit, design company, decoration engineering company, entertainment management company, security consulting company;

2, KTV, lighting, audio equipment and supplies manufacturers, distributors, agents, engineering firms, import and export traders;

3, performance companies, performing arts equipment leasing companies;

4, theaters, stadiums, clubs, concert halls, studios, recording halls, radio, television stations;

5, KTV, bar, disco, clubs, nightclubs, slow remote, HI room;

6, SPA, clubs, saunas, coffee shops, leisure establishments, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, catering and entertainment chain agencies and contractors;

7, media, professional magazines, etc.

【AKB promotion and promotion】

1, Professional call center team, call promotion throughout the year, SMS SMS push, WeChat push;

2, International cooperation: more than 40 international associations, chambers of commerce, government agencies, media, exhibition cooperation, conduct extensive publicity and promotion;

3, hard advertising: more than 100 magazines, newspapers or other print media to promote the use of advertising exchange, paid advertising and other means;

4, news news: In the magazines, newspapers, websites uninterruptedly released more than 2000 exhibitions of the latest progress and related information;

5. In-depth coverage: In-depth coverage of major news, highlights, important visitors, and exhibitors.

6, special programs: special coverage through television stations, professional print media, industry websites;

7, Exhibition Express: Produce 3 exhibition newsletters before the show, mail them to exhibitors and buyers;

As shown in Figure 8, e-mails: electronic invitations, e-newsletters, and e-invitations are widely used to publish 500,000 e-mails;

9, audio-visual media: through more than 50 television stations, radio stations, etc., advertising or news reporting;

10. Outdoor advertising: promotion through outdoor advertising media such as stop signs, banners, balloons, arches, and light boxes;

11, Press Conference: Hold a press conference and invite the media to report the latest status and development of the exhibition;

12. News Reprint: Allow and encourage other media, websites, etc. to forward exhibition related news and content;

13, Tickets: printing 100,000 copies before and after, inviting merchants to visit through various channels;

14. Invitation letter: Print 40,000 color invitation letters twice in succession, and invite exhibitors and visitors through mail and exhibition delivery;

15, exhibition briefings: 50,000 briefings, similar to the exhibition newsletter, to convey the exhibition information more simply and quickly.

【AKB Contact Information】

Address: B3 Business District, Guobo Center, No. 619, Parrot Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan

Switchboard: 86-027-84611828 Website: www.akbfair.com